How safe it is:

Our dogs and handlers are well trained and prepared to carry out their duties as a Visiting Team. Dog’s handlers are Garda vetted, and dogs are well trained - they even have to pass an exam, before they are free to work with the people. Every dog is under the strict supervision of a dog trainer at all times. Nonetheless, we always suggest adhering to safety measures at all times, when interacting with animals. All our volunteers and their dogs are covered by our public liability insurance.


How does it work?

Our visiting team (animal with a handler) will visit your Care Centre and meet with your clients/residents. A meeting can involve brushing, stroking, playing and walking with the dog. Dog's handler will then discuss and agree on the time slot and a frequency of visits with Care Centre management, and/or which of specific clients to visit, and cover the rest of the details.


What are the benefits?

Positive interaction with a dog helps to reduce stress, depression and feeling of loneliness. It can transform, calm and relax residents of the care centre. Physical interaction and spiritual connection with dogs can be especially important for people who are not visited as often by others. 


To read more about Animal Assisted Intervention please go to Animal Assisted Intervention section in "About us". 


Since we are a not-for-profit charity organization, our services are free of charge, although any donations are greatly appreciated.


If you would like to be visited by our "human+animal" team, please fill in the form in a Become a Host section, and we will be in touch with you shortly to arrange all the details.

There are several ways you can help us, we will appreciate any support :)