Our governing document states that:

“The objects for which the company is established are to promote Animal Assisted Intervention, to include Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Education in Ireland; provide high quality Animal Assisted Intervention services to those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health or disability; train therapy dogs to work with individuals and institutions and to prevent animal cruelty and homelessness. To carry on all activities in relation to same.”

Our biggest goals are:

- to open Animal Assisted Therapy Centre, where children can receive animal assisted occupational therapy, play therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, psychotherapy.

- to popularize Animal Assisted Education in Ireland and introduce teaching assistance dogs to schools

- promote animal welfare through educating people how to care for animals, communicate with them, train, recognize and avoid dangerous situation with animals.

There are several ways you can help us, we will appreciate any support :)