Our visiting teams are comprised of animals and their owners. We accept any small, friendly animals. We now have cats, guinea pig and bunny working for us alongside dogs.

If you are friendly to animals and love interacting with them, we would like to invite you. We are always happy to welcome reliable people who want to volunteer with their animals. Please keep in mind, that other people you will be visiting, might get attached to both you and your animal, so please consider this before making a decision. We might be asking you, to do one visit per week. You will also be asked to fill in garda vetting form and comply with our health and safety regulations. We will also provide the necessary training. 

All animals must pass an evaluation. Most importantly, they must be very friendly towards other people, eager to meet them and get in physical contact with them. At the same time, they must be very calm and gentle. No aggression of any kind should be displayed, toward both humans and/or animals. Dogs must pass a basic obedience exam. To get information about criteria, or if you need any help in training your dog, please contact us

Unlike other charities in Animal Assisted Therapy field, we do not charge any membership fee. 

There are several ways you can help us, we will appreciate any support :)