Is it safe?
Our handlers with dogs are well prepared to carry out their duties as a Visiting Team. Dog’s handlers are garda vetted, and dogs must pass an exam before they can work with people. Dogs are under supervision of a dog trainer at all times. Nevertheless, we always stress that everyone must be mindful of safety measures at all times when in contact with animals. For extra peace of mind, our volunteers and their dogs are also covered by our public liability insurance.

How does it work?
Through play and interaction with animals, children are improving variety of skills, like reading, their motor and social competence skils, their self-esteem and other qualities.

The presence of animals in an educational setting creates a pleasant social atmosphere, increases concentration, attention, motivation and relaxation which supports effective learning and performance.

Only 25% of a session (excluding puppy rooms) is grooming and cuddling with animals. Rest of the session is filled with fun and interesting activities that children love.

We are offering following classes:

Dog welfare and bite prevention
Dog welfare and bite prevention can be carried out in 2 ways:
1. One meeting with or without a dog.
2. Two meetings. First theoretical with or without a dog, second meeting practical, with fun games and a dog.

Children will learn:
1. Theoretical part:
- history of dogs
- dog’s breeds
- dog’s jobs
- dog’s needs
- dog’s body language
- how to interact with dogs in a different situations
- how to stay safe when around dogs

2. Practical part
Children will refresh knowledge from theoretical part and practice few things like stone or tree pose, greeting a strange dog, interacting with a dog in a safe way. They will also brush, stroke and play a few fun games.

Paws at school
Animals, especially dogs, can take part in teaching any subject: Irish, Geography, English, Math. They stimulate children in a very positive way. Motivate them to do the tasks, which otherwise they might not be interested in. What is most important, animals relax children and make a school friendlier place.

During our paw friendly classes, we use different equipment, like body scooter-boards, parachutes, tunnels and obstacles to make the experience even more fun. We always listen to the class teachers and advise them on what we are going to teach and how.

(example of an exercise: bone shaped envelopes with dog’s treats and a task (translating an Irish word for example) are placed under the parachute. Whole class is waving the parachute while some of the students go under and take one envelope each. Then they go to the teacher and perform the assigned task. As a reward, children can provide a treat to the dog, and stay with him until the other students return)

Puppy rooms
It is very important for students to relax before exams. Who will calm them better than friendly and funny animals?

We can bring happy dogs to your school, which will help your students to unwind before exams, and maybe even get better marks. The only thing you have to do, is to provide us with a comfortable room!

Read along!
Students chosen by teachers take part in 10 - 15 minutes one-to-one reading sessions accompanied by one animal. Reading to a non-judgmental audience (an animal) in a safe environment not only improves student's reading skills and motivation, but also increases their self-confidence and communication skills. What is most important, the students develop a love and passion for reading.

To read more about Animal Assisted Intervention go to Animal Assisted Intervention section in "About us".

Our services are free of charge, although we welcome a donations, which would be greatly appreciated.

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At this moment, we are able to offer our services around North County Dublin and Meath area.

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